We are Howick Intermediate 2018. We are five boys and five girls and our teacher is Marilyn.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Botany Reserve

We went to Boatnay reserve last week on Thursday .

We were surprised by the amount of litter we picked up.

We all need to work hard and not pollute our water ways.


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  2. Great job on your efforts to help keep our area reserves and beaches clean! It is amazing how much rubbish can be left at such a gorgeous place over the weekend. Our class was very surprised at the amount of rubbish we passed on our walk to our community pools todays for our swimming lessons. Are you planning to clean up at a different area reserve each week?

  3. Hi Room 25-Howick Intermediate,

    I loved your photos of the student is collecting the rubbish at Botany Reserve on Thursday 9th March 2017.

    Where did you guys collecting the rubbish this term?

    From Andrew

  4. Hi Andrew we went to Bucklands and Eastern beach and Botany reserve.
    from Brooklyn

    1. Hi Brooklyn,

      Thank You for your message to me and I was surprise to hear from you.

      From Andrew