We are Howick Intermediate 2018. We are five boys and five girls and our teacher is Marilyn.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Art :Using Clicker paint

Using clicker paint in Art was fun for all of us!

First we had to choose the templates and that was easy.
We created our individual pictures in the Clicker cells.

We used different paint tools creating the picture in the centre of the screen.

The rotate and flip tools helped to transform the entire canvas.
The undo and redo tools helped to go backwards and forwards and this helped to correct all mistakes.

The end results were these wonderful and colourful insects designed by the young artisits, Laura, Joel, Christopher, Angus, Caleb,Chantelle, Leya, Gregory, Nikhil and Katrina.


  1. Wow your all so clever! I loved your computer art!

  2. wow kids

    from katy